Wayfinding, signage for indoor and outdoor use

Getting there without having to ask

To achieve this, we are led by accurate visual indications which, only a few clear symbols, guide us in the right direction. But behind such an efficient wayfinding project there is expertise in the study and design of the best solutions.

With several years’ experience of studying and designing “wayfinding” projects, we are able to offer solutions aimed at orienting and guiding people in complex settings such as hospitals, school and government offices.

Our signage systems for indoor and outdoor use are offered in a wide selection, ranging from totems, to wall-mounted, projecting and hanging signs, each varying considerably in size.




We can offer the benefits of many years of experience in studying and designing “wayfinding” projects to our customers. A correct design requires a careful analysis of the spaces and routes with a systematic and analytical....

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Production and service

We pay particular attention to the selection of raw materials as well as to the entire manufacturing process; we contract out most of our processing stages (such as profile extrusion, painting, component die-casting and injection...

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